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Tell me if you make a Geometry Dash level with one of these, I want to play it.


I hope you enjoy these tracks!


This is for FL Studio, but you may be able to apply the concept to other DAWs and plugins.

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Finally managed to complete and release a song here again, please check it out and tell me what you think! I do have two songs that will be released on YouTube promotion channels. One song is Flicker of the Flame and the other is unreleased.



Making Some House Music

2016-05-01 17:34:37 by TechnoLogical15

Almost done with vacuuming... taking break... blehhhhhh.

I have a headache. Here is another video of me making music. Subscribe to me on YouTube for the latest stuff and things. Yeah.

Good job, me. Good words.


I say werds in dis vidioh hiere.


That is what you will find on my YouTube channel!

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I probably won't be uploading any tracks here very soon. I'm very busy with school, a large project to submit to record labels (can't upload, of course), these videos, and life in general!


2016-04-01 23:19:52 by TechnoLogical15



You can use the music from my new Dream to Reality EP for videos and games! My music varies a lot in theme and feeling. You can use any of my music to date, as long as you tell me!

If you describe your project, I can recommend you one of my songs (I have about 40). I might (no promises) also be able to make you a song (might take a while, I won't have much time for a while, I'll be away from my production technology for a few days).

Here are the first four songs in Dream to Reality EP. There will be one or two more.

My main genres/subgenres are:



Drum N Bass


I also have made one ambient song, but it is not my specialty.

A quick video I made with OBS and Google Presentations:

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So... yeah.

Self promotion. Notice me plz. If you like it, please share it around.

Thank you for listening!